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STOREX Fruitstorage

- more than 40 years of experience
- worldwide availability and service
- the most complete CA-supplier
- the market leader in CA-innovations

Our mission is to provide the best CA solutions for the best fruit quality.
News and events
VCBT organized a very interesting workshop in Sint Truiden Belgium on the 28th of March . The main theme was innovations in fruitstorage.  Professor Frans J.M. Harren explained the next generation gas-analysis with laser-spectroscopy (QCAP) and discussed the latest results. Pieter Verboven from the VBCT gave a complete overview of the available commercial DCA-systems and explained the added value of DCA storage to improve the fruit quality.
Smartfresh presented the new formula (tabs) and how it is applied in the storage and reviewed the last three harvest seasons of the conference pears in Belgium.  Janssen PMP  introduced their chemical product Fysium based on 1-mcp.
Eugene Rokx of Storex  gave a very practical presentation : DCA storage in pratice. Many questions were answered : How to measure the gastightness of a CA-room, how to find leaks, how to maintain the O/U pressure valve, what is the influence of the cooling on the oxygen-level inside the storage room, how to reduce this influence, why a scrubber needs to be tuned and at the end practical tips and hints for growers.
On request we can send you the Storex presentation : "DCA bewaring in praktijk" or it can be downloaded from the VCBT website ,
At the Fruit Logistica Storex has introduced successfully the DCS Pro. This mobile device is expecially developed to assist a European Research Project called QCAP. QCAP is an innovative next-generation gas analysis based on laser spectroscopy. More information about QCAP can be found on the official website of QCAP INTERREG.
If you want more information about the DCS Pro , please send us a email to and we will send you a  sneak preview of the system.

Storex is established in 1995 by three pioneers , Wilfried van Gijsel , Peter Kooijman and Lieuwe Bakker. With a dedicated team of CA-specialists , we share more than 40 years of experience with controlled atmosphere to store fruits and vegetables longer, better and safer.  Due to our progressive research and development, we offer the best and most complete controlled atmosphere solutions. Our products and services are available worldwide. With a professional network of dealers, agents and high-tech communication we can provide local service and maintenance to ensure you maximum benefits from your CA-technology. Our mission is "to provide the best and most complete CA solutions for the best fruit quality."

Products and services
We offer the most complete CA solutions to store your fruit and vegetables longer, better and safer. Our complete program ensures you a one-stop shop for any CA solution, providing :
- complete CA installations : carbon dioxide scrubber and nitrogen generators, palletbag systems
- CA infrastructure : mounting and installation
- supervisor and support
- CA climate control
- Ethylene control
- Gas analysers
- Gas tightness measurement and inspection
- Gas tightness materials and coating service
- DCS to store your fruit at the lowest possible oxygen level
- FRUITLAB, mobile device for fruit testing
Storex is market leader in emerging markets like USA, Poland, Central Asia, etc. Many leading companies worldwide are using our experience and technology to store their fruits and vegetables longer, better and safer.
A small selection of fruits which can be stored apples,  pears, red currants, blue-berries, kiwi's, chinese cabbage, etc etc.