Welcome to the world of C.A.

Storex is established in 1995 and with a dedicated team of CA-specialists, we share more than 40 years of experience with controlled atmosphere.  We offer the best and most complete controlled atmosphere solutions due to our progressive research and development. We cooperate with several universities and research institutes like FBR Wageningen, Radboud University,  KU Leuven (VCBT), Cranfield University, LWK Jork in Germany, to improve processes and products. 


Storex offers the most complete CA-technology for fruitstorage. Our program consists of carbondioxide-scrubbers, nitrogen generators, analyzers, ethylene adsorbers. Sign up here to get our newsletter with interesting topics about fruit storage. 



Controlled Atmosphere Temperature Treatment is a non-chemical treatment to desinfastate not only dry bulk products but also flowers and plants. The treatment complies to the requirements of organic grown food and agriculture products. Our technology can be applied on bins, containers, gastight rooms, bulk and even during transportation on ships and lorries. 


fire prevention

24/7 protection. Active fire prevention with decreased oxygen-level (<17%) is the most effective and efficient technology to prevent fire. Specialized in VSA-technology, our installations have the lowest possible cost of maintenance and power consumption. 


High Altitude

Medical studies showed that high altitude training can improve your performance. Many pro athletes use our technology to give their performance a natural boost.


African Fruit Mot makes growers of bell peppers extra alert !

Due to import of roses from Kenia, the African Fruitmot is frequently detected in the Netherlands. The African Fruitmot keen on bell peppers are certainly a point of attention for greenhouses in particular bell peppers. Contamination of bell peppers with the fruit mot can lead to export restrictions and can cause significant economic damage nationwide. 

If you want to read more about the African Fruitmot in the Netherlands please view the published article in the AD

To avoid the import of the African Fuit Mot , C.A.T.T. technology can be a perfect solution. For more information about our solution for desinfestation of the AFM, please download our Powerpoint Presention  CATT against fruitmot .

QCAP quality control agricultural products


A significant part of the fruit and vegetable production gets lost during the post-harvest process. Innovation stakeholders from the North-Western part of Europe are now joining forces to develop an affordable tool that could help farmers monitor the quality of their products in real-time. The new tool will contain a next-generation gas detector, which can measure eight different gasses released by the products. The QCAP project, Quality Control Agricultural Products,  strives towards completing a prototype in 2019.   QCAP project details