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STOREX Fruitstorage

- more than 30 years of experience
- marketleader in CA-innovations
- available in more than 80 countries worldwide
- most complete offer for CA-solutions

Our mission is to be your best partner in CA (controlled atmosphere) technology by providing innovative and superior products and concepts to offer the best fruitstorage-solutions for your fresh produce.
DCA Storage
DCA is defined as dynamic controlled atmosphere. By lowering the oxygen level in CA-storagerooms, the fruit will respirate less. A lower respiration of the fruit will slow down the process of ripening. If the oxygen level is too low, the process of anaerobic fermentation will start. The existing sugar in the fruit will turn in ethanol, which gives the fruit a bad taste and the fruit cannot be marketed. The optimal oxygen level varies and depends of variety, growing saison and age/composition of the fruits. Finding the lowest possible oxygen level to store fruit, requires an accurate, reliable and easy-to-use system.  All scientists agree that storing fruit at the lowest possible oxygen level, will result in the maximal benefits of  DCA storage :
  • better firmness and shelflife compare to regular CA
  • maximum reduction of scald, skin spot and pit rot
  • non chemical treatment
  • better taste, process of ripening restarts
  • better appearance of the fruit
DCS automatic
Since 1997 the Wageningen University FBR uses the pulp-analysis (DCS manual)  to detect ethanol for DCA storagerooms. More than 200 rooms every year are sampled with this system. Because the analysis is very labour intensive , the FBR, Storex and EMS teamed up and developed a system to measure ethanol daily and on a ppb level. After 15 years of research and development, we have succeeded as the only CA-technology supplier worldwide, to measure on a daily basis the ethanol-production of the fruit. Proudly we present ourDCS automatic. The advantages of DCS automatic are unique and incomparable with other available DCA-systems :
  • measurement of ethanol, the only direct indicator of fermentation
  • daily measurement of ethanolproduction and respiration = FQ
  • decay indication, aerobic vs anaerobic fermentation
  • large replaceable sample
  • non destructive analysis
  • no interference with ripening blockers
  • stand-alone system
  • full automatic system available
  • perfect tool for postharvest-consultants
Our mission is to offer our clients the most innovative and affortable post-harvest technology to save your fresh produce quality. With the technology of tomorrow, available today, any storage-condition can be achieved with the most efficient input of human and natural resources. Our technology is available in more than 80 countries worldwide, is applied by many satisfied customers. Due to our innovative technology we are market-leader in many countries like the United States of America. Contact us for more information,