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Can the DCS Automatic be installed on existing CA-storagerooms ?
The system can be installed in any gas-tight storage-room. The measuring-boxes can be installed horizontally or vertically in the storage-room panels. The system operates independently from the installed CA-system. For installation no special tools are required.
What kind of hardware is required to operate the DCS Automatic ?
The system consists of two measuring-boxes, the gas-analyser ,an I/O box and isolation-panels. For operation of the system we require a power-supply (depending the location this will be 110v / 220v 50/60Hz, airpressure of at least 6 bar to operate the valve and preferable a fixed internet-connection to transfer the measurement-results to the portal.
Does DCS Automatic garantee  ultra-low-oxygen in my storage-room ?
DCS Automatic is an instrument to measure the level of fermentation. The atmosphere in the measuring-boxes is the same atmosphere as in the storage-room itself. To get low oxygen-levels in the storage-room it requires : a very gas-tight storage-room (less then 0,2 cm2/100 m3, and a CA-installation with low-oxygen input. Storex has the skills and experience to support and advise the client : how to get a ultra-low-oxygen levels ?
What are the main benefits compared to other DCA systems like ACR, etc... ?
Researchers confirm that ethanol is the only direct and reliable marker for fermentation. The DCS Automatic is measuring on a daily-basis, is a non-destructive analysis and operates completely  independently from the CA-system.
Are the results of DCA compared with SmartFresh ?
Researchers of Wageningen have compared the effects of DCS , SmartFresh and regular CA in early tests. The results showed that the firmness and shelf-live is improved significally with DCA and Smart-Fresh. The result of the comparison is displayed in graph below. The effect of DCA-storage is almost comparable with the result of SmartFresh.
How expensive is DCS Automatic ?
The system is very easy to install and to operate and can be implemented in any existing CA-storageroom. The costs of this system is comparable with the costs of applying SmartFresh and varies depending on the size of the room. Ask Storex or your nearest Storex-dealer for a competitive offer !
Why does RQ in a CA-room not work ?
In a link below the principle of RQ is explained and gives a short but accurate explanation about the disadvantages of this system.
The Truth about DCA systems, RQ .