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DCSTM has been applied by FBR Wageningen in the Netherlands in more the 200 ULO-storage-rooms. Since the introduction of DCSTM Automatic we have installed the system worldwide and is operational to full satisfaction of our clients. With over 100 ULO-storagerooms are supplied with the DCSTM Automatic to measure the ethanol on a daily basis and are installed worldwide.
The system has proved itself over the last years as a perfect instrument to prevent fermentation and to find to most optimal storage-conditions for long-term storage. In practice the system is very easy to install and to operate and can be connected to any existing CA-installation.
In the list below you can find a small selection  of the clients who are using the DCSTM Automatic world-wide.
Oostveen bv - NL
Van Rossum - NL
Hogesteger - NL
Haisheng - China
Peters - NL
Tilkens - Belgium
Grundler - Germany
Bastion Fruit - Poland
Articold - Portugal
Poulis - Greece
Vincent - Canada
Finca Rioja - Spain