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N2 Generators
By reducing the oxygen-level is a coldstore, the respiration c.q. ripening of the fruit will be reduced significantly. A lower rate of respiration means a longer storage-period. To get a gastight coldroom at the apropiate conditions, nitrogengas is injected into the room. The time to achieve the desired oxygen-level depends on the size of the room, the total volume/weight of stored products in the room, the desired oxygen-level (p.e 5 or 3%) and the purity of nitrogen-gas. Based on these variables , the capacity of the generator is calculated. If the room is opened during storage, to pack and sort a partial delivery, the generator can easily bring the room back to its desired storage-conditions. During the storage-period the oxygen-level can increase unwanted for several reasons. The room is not sufficient gastight anymore, tubes and/or valves are leaking, too much oxygen input from the scrubber, the cooling system is causing too much underpressure, or even atmospheric changes can have an impact on the oxygen-level in a gastight coldroom. In this case the nitrogen-generator can help to maintain the desired oxygen-level. For fruitstorage, Storex has developed the VSA-system to produce nitrogengas. The generator consists of two vessels containing special active carbon to filter out the oxygen from the ambient air. ;With the VSA-principle (Vacuum Swing Adsorption), the generator produces nitrogengas with use of very low over and under pressure. The VSA-system produces nitrogengas with only -0,8 and +0,8 bar pressure. The VSA-generators are available from 10 upto 100 m3/hour. Download our program in the listed link. Other systems to produce nitrogengas like PSA and membrame-systems consume a lot more energy and are more expensive to maintain and to service. Storex can offer these systems as well.
5 reasons to choose a Storex VSA generator

1. Energy-saving

The VSA-system produces nitrogen with low pressure. Low pressure means that less energy is required to adsorb the oxygen from the ambient air. In comparison to the VA-VPSA nitrogengenerator the required energyconsumption is approximately 30% lower. An independent test executed by the FRB Institute Wageningen in the Netherlands has clearly shown this result in April 2009. By using the Storex mixing-system the efficiency increases compared to other systems with an extra 25%. This means in total an energysaving of 45% - 65%. With yearly 1.000 hours in operation, you can save 3000 kWh yearly.

2. 5 years maintenance-free

From a capacity of 25 m3/hour (VSA25) each generator is equipped with a oil- and contact-free claw-vacuumpump from Busch,MINK. Contact-free means that there is no TEAR or WEAR of mechanical parts, so no loss of capacity. Oil-free means that small oil-particles can't mess up the active carbon which ensures a good condition of the active carbon. Storex garantees 5 years free of maintenance.The yearly service is only limited to the exchange of two airfilters. Compared to a PSA-generator you can save a significant amount of money on maintenance costs.

3. Easy to use and to handle

The compact design, the special skid for transportation purposes, the easy access to all main components and the easy plug-and-play system, makes this generator perfect to rent or for portable use. Many farmer cooperatives use our portable solution to use it locally for its members. Various options for portable use are available, like an autonomous airpressure-system, timer, oxygen-regulation, etc.


Dynamic Controlled Atmosphere, is a method of storing your fruit at the lowest possible oxygen level. To accomplish very low oxygen levels, Storex has developed the DCA software to control your CA-equipment most efficient and effective way. The DCA software can select, depending the measured oxygen level in a room, a high or low purity nitrogengas. The operator has different programs at his disposal to inject or dose the nitrogengas depending the gastightness of the room or can use the available nitrogengas to purge the adsorber.


With our innovative hard- and software we are able to service each generator supplied with intelligence around the world. Through a secured internet-connection (VPN) we can preform tests, tune and adjust the settings for the best results. No additional software, like teamviewer, is required to provide this service.
The system can be easily operated with a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet. The required APP, developed by Schneider Electronics, can be downloaded and supports both Android and Apple systems. With this APP, the client can control his CA-installation anytime and anywhere.

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