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CO2 Scrubber

During the storage of fruit in a coldstore, the fruit will respirate and will produce carbondioxide. If the room is gasstight, the carbon-dioxide will acumulate in the coldstore. High-levels of carbon-dioxide can cause servere damage to the stored fruit. Every product has its specific optimal storage-condition of oxygen and CO2 level.  By removing the carbon-dioxide with an CO2-adsorber you can control the level perfect, prevent damage and increase the period of storage significantly.
To prevent accumulation of carbon-dioxide the roomair of a coldstore is filtered by a CO2-adsorber / scrubber. To filter the roomair, active-carbon is used as an adsorption-medium. When the active-carbon is saturated, the medium can be regenerated by using fresh-air. To transport the roomair, each room is connected with tubes and valves to the scrubber. When after measuring the carbon-dioxide level is to high, then the scrubber will start the process.
The capacity of the scrubber depends on the stored product and the stored quantity. Storex offers scrub-capacity from 50 upto 1.800 kg CO2 daily.

5 Reasons to choose a Storex scrubber !

Less dehydration of your fruit
To reduce the energy-input from your adsorber it is very important to fit the right diameter of your tubes depending on the air-circulation capacity of your scrubber. A too small sized tube will cause extra friction. This friction will warm-up the fans and directly the treated roomair. This increase of temperature inside the coldstore needs to be cooled down. Extra cooling means extra dehydration.
Our scrubbers are perfectly designed  not only  to reduce the energy-input as low as possible by reducing any kind of mechanical friction.  Even with the advanced software , the process of scrubbing and regeneration can be optimized with the unique autodiagnostics software. Well tuned scrubbers can save you easily upto 20% of energy-savings.
Guaranteed scrubcapacity
The capacity of the scrubber is set by the quantity of active carbon, ventilator capacity and dimension (diameter) of the valves and tubes connected to the cold store. Each kg active carbon can adsorb 0,5 kg CO2 / day but requires a ventilator-capacity of 0,5 m3/hour. A scrubber with 500 kg scrub-capacity contains 1.000 kg active carbon and is equipped with a total ventilator-capacity of 1.000 m2/hour. Because of our unique two-vessel system, where in this case each vessel contains 500 kg active carbon and is connected to his own ventilator, a ventilator-capacity of 500 m3/hour is sufficient. A single-vessel system with only one ventilator required double ventilator-capacity. In case the dimension of the piping or valves are to small, the scrubber will loose upto 30% capacity of more.
DCA - ready
Dynamic Controlled Atmosphere, is a method of storing your fruit at the lowest possible oxygen level. To accomplish very low oxygen levels, Storex has developed the DCA software to control your CA-equipment most efficient and effective way. The analyser can measure upto two digits, the valves, tubes and rooms can be tested on gastightness automatically, the processes of the scrubber are monitored and results are available to adjust and optimize the scrubber.
Easy to operate and to service
With our innovative hard- and software we are able to service each scrubber around the world. Through a secured internet-connection (VPN) we can preform tests, tune and adjust the settings for the best results. To support the client we can connect directly to the display and guide him step-by-step though the settings. No additional software, like teamviewer, is required to provide this service.
The system can be easily operated with a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet. The required APP, developed by Schneider Electronics, can be downloaded and supports both Android and Apple systems. With this APP, the client can control his CA-installation anytime and anywhere.

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