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STOREX Fireprevention

Oxygen Reduction is an active fire protection technique based on a permanent reduction of the oxygen percentage in protected rooms. Often referred to as hypoxic air.

Unlike traditional fire suppression systems that extinguish fire after detecion. hypoxic air prevents the possibility of fire occuring.

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Low energy consumption

redundant system 

easy to operate.

20 years expercience 

oxygen levels  at accesdoors

meets the highest NEN EN         
         16750 (2018) norm.


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Key features


Consult our extended database with reccomendations or contact our consultants for the best storageconditions for your products


Innovative oxygenreduction machines. 
VSA capacity varies from 10 to 180 m³ per machine. unique system to couple several machines.
meets the requirements of the strict NEN EN 16750 norm.


Store your product by performing measurements each houre to check the oxygen levels. oxygensensors can also be placed in certain areas to show a live feed of the oxygenlevels.